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Post by Aku Sakura on Wed Sep 15, 2010 8:25 am

Name: Death the Kid
Gender: Male
Cash: $5,000


Shinigami Abilities: A number of Kid's skills come from the fact that he's a Shinigami.

* Body of a Shinigami: Kid's body is that of a Shinigami, so naturally most things that effect the human body are trivial in his case . He is unaffected by most weather conditions such as the UV Rays the sun emits which can be harmful to the average person. He is also unaffected by natural poisons as he attempted to dye his hair in order to remove the three white lines but failed. It can be assumed there are many more benefits, those of which that are unknown.

* Sanzu Lines: Not much is known about the Sanzu Lines, other than they are represented by the white lines in Kid's hair. He hasn't been able to fully control the Sanzu Lines, but we know that he unlocks great powers when he does. He also showcased new abilities, like upgrading the caliber of Kid's shots from Patti and Liz from .38 to .42 and changing his guns to visually match the Israeli made Desert Eagle. The Sanzu Lines seems to be directly linked to the Shinigami Special abilities, as he was able to access some of his father's abilities after connecting one line.

* Shadow Skull Arms: Similar to his father, Kid is able to produce black skull-like arms out of his body, although they seem to be slightly smaller than his father's version. Unlike his father, Kid used the arms for a supportive purpose rather than an offensive one, using one of them to reattach his arm, that got severed in his fight with Mosquito. He is able to use them after connecting the first Sanzu Line.

* Konso: This ability allows Kid to store souls and hold them for later use. Kid was in the process of using this technique to store a number of souls The Flying Dutchman had captured but did not actually get the chance to use it. This is most likely the same ability Shinigami uses whenever he confiscates souls from students or how Arachne's soul was saved for Soul until he got his 99 Kishin Egg Souls.


* Stand Alone Techniques
o Death God Martial Art - Stance of "Crime": This fighting style is Kid's normal style but without using Liz and Patti and therefore focuses on chops, kicks, and hammer blows (all of which can be symmetrical). He also adopts the stance before fighting Crona and Ragnarok.

o Death God Martial Art - Stance of "Punishment": This fighting style is more defensive than the Stance of "Crime', allowing Kid to use his father's skull shields to block attacks, which he calls Death Arm Blocking. He uses Patti and Liz with this style.

o Death Ride: Not really an attack, as it is Kid doing a rail slide with his skateboard.

o Tornado Flip: Kid launches his skateboard, spinning, at an opponent possibly cutting them in half. Not much is known as it was only used to save Patti and Liz once when they were being constricted by the Pharaoh of Wrath.

* Soul Resonance Techniques

o Dark Needle: A seldom seen attack of Kid's that is also one of his most powerful. A giant black blast that leaves behind a series of skull-shaped smoke.

o Death Cannon: Kid's Soul Resonance attack. When activated, Kid's lower arms are covered with metal and resemble cannon barrels. Three black spikes come out of each of the upper arms. He then charges his attack and fires two giant blasts of energy from the cannons that impact with the opponent, leaving behind a series of skull shaped smoke. In the anime, after all three Sanzu Lines connected when Kid was near death, his Death Cannon became two oversized cannon barrels

* Sanzu Line Techniques
o Sanzu Fall Shot: A technique used while the Second Sanzu Line is connected using the power of BREW. Kid brings his arms up while firing and brings them down until he splits them, his arms parallel with the ground. The stream that is fired down can be used to strike multiple targets at once.
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