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Post by Aku Sakura on Sun Jun 20, 2010 8:08 am

Name: Savannah
Gender: Female
Cash: $1,000,000
Items: Daggers x 2 | Five Chara Eggs

Dark Sakura (Sakura):

Darkness Wave: A black and purple sound wave that rips through the wind. Mainly used to weaken
Darkness Wave Type 2: Similar, but is almost fatal. Puts foe in dying state, but they will not actually die
Dark Scepter: Basically, the weapon used for combat. A long pole with a dark purple orb that glows
Dark Glow: A glow that literally blinds the opponent for the duration of the character transform.

Icy Sakura (Mizunaki):

Ice Glow: Blinds the opponent during character transform
Frozen Sakura: Similar to ice shards. Basically frozen sakura petals flying towards the enemy
Frozen Sakura Storm: Frozen petals, unbreakable. Flies forward in a specific motion decided by the hand gestures of the user.
Ice Wind: A chilly wind that stings the opponent's eyes. Almost impossible to see through.

Flame Sakura (Kisi):

Fire Glow: Blinds the opponent during character transform
Burning Sakura: Sakura petals on fire, controlled by hand movements.
Fire Tornado: Burning Sakura petals spinning in a tornado
Fire Sight: Allows me to identify the opponents weaknesses and strengths

Raining Sakura (Shimasi):

Water Glow: Blinds the opponent during character transform
Soaking Sakura: Sakura petals form a circle and encases the opponent in water
Whirlpool: Uses any water at all to form a giant whirlpool in the air or water (depending on location). Sakura petals naturally mixed in used to cut the opponent
Water Jet: A very high pressure water jet used mainly to push back enemy's no matter their power.

Electric Sakura (Mimashi):

Electric Glow: Blinds the opponent during character transform
Thunder Sakura: Sakura petals encased in electricity. Controlled by hand movements
Lightning Sakura: Dark clouds formed from black sakura petals form in the sky. Caused red lightning to shoot down
Paralysis: Sakura petals that don't cause any injuries or pain. Merely touch the enemy instantly paralyzing them.
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