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Post by Makai Kasai on Sat Oct 09, 2010 4:44 am

Name: Jushiro
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (Appears tpo be 25)

Jushiro is a tall 7’5 foot male with pale white skin whiter than snow and cold to the touch. He wears a long black battle robe with black silk trousers, white socks and black battle slippers. Over the top is a long black cloak with a high neck band that covers the lower half of his face just stopping above his neck and under his eyes.

On his back he carries a long black muramasa that is hidden by his cloak and neck band. On his head he usually wears a wide brimmed black hat. The hat his tipped covering the rest of his face only showing his eyes. His eyes are crimson red as red as blood and demonic. Inside his irises are black slits resembling the irises of a snake.

On his right are he has six strange seals. The seals are restraints placed upon him to seal away his powers. Even if he trains once he reaches a certain strength most of his power is sealed away forming another restraint only for him to begin his training again

The remains of his hollow hole is a large hole just over his heart where he had been stabbed when he was killed. The remains of his hollow mask is a white forehead protector with two long horns coming off it. However they are hidden by his hat and hair.

His hair is pitch black and spiked flowing down to his mid back held in a ponytail. When his hair is not in a ponytail it reaches the ground growing longer with his release form. He has an athletic body but is know where weak physically.

personality: Jushiro is a very calm and collected individual. Jushiros face is always in a neutral position making it impossible to read his movements. He speaks in a monotone voice preferring not to show any sort of emotion. He enjoys being by himself and dislikes noise. Jushiro can switch from his cold nature to a violent one when he is disturbed by loud noise. he despises crowds and prefers to be by himself.

Jushiro is a thinker he will think before he acts. He always calculates the situation before making a move. Makai will be careful of his opponent making every move precise and deadly. He will assess them and find their weakness before he strikes. When he does he will go for their vitals at the first sign striking quickly.

Jushiro despises the weak and will crush them at any moment he desires. He consumes all in his path hollows, humans and Shinigami devouring them to become stronger. His only goal to be the strongest to never let anyone be stronger than him. His goal pushes him beyond and above in battle driving him to crush those he faces.

Race: Arrancar. Ex Cero Espada

Zanpukto: Endriago Ray (Dragon King)

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